With Mobile 3D CT Scanning you get the peace of mind that comes with proactively looking after your health.

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We offer mobile 3D CT Scanning services because we believe everyone should benefit from the latest in dental diagnosing and treatment planning solutions.

Therefore, we partnered with expert radiologists in the country to provide you with a high quality report of your screening.

evaluation of radiology report from Mobile 3D CT Scanning
Evaluation of the radiology report with your doctor

Early detection is important and here is why.

One out of every two people will encounter at least one oral health related problem in their lifetime. That’s a pretty shocking statistic. For instance, dental infections, tumors, oral cancers, airway related sleep disorders, TMJ and sinus issues are among the conditions that can cause serious damage to one’s overall health. What’s even more troublesome is that over half the people will have one or more of these conditions detected too late after permanent damage has already occurred. And it gets worse! Late detection means that treatments will be more invasive, more expensive and require longer recovery times. Therefore, early detection is critical! And now, the power of prevention is in YOUR hands!



3D CT Scanning, areas of concern

Here is how mobile 3D CT Scanning works

Step 1

Call one of our highly trained representatives to ask any questions you may have about 3D CT scans and schedule an appointment at your preferred location. Appointments are available within 1-2 business days and very often on the same day.

Step 2

Our professionally trained and certified x-ray technician will arrive on time, take your scan in one of our modern mobile units within 20 minutes and provide you and your doctor (if any) with a copy for immediate access. Because CT scans are non-invasive, safe and pain-free, you’ll be back at work or play immediately after your scan.

Step 3

Within 10 business days, you’ll receive your detailed radiology report with any information regarding the presence or absence of abnormalities within the scanned area. After that, you will be able to take your results to your dentist, physician or chiropractor if indeed a problem is detected.   In addition, should you need a provider recommendation, we can refer you to the appropriate leading specialists in the area.


***** “The whole experience was awesome! Julian Gutierrez was my X-ray tech. He explained the whole process thoroughly and was very attentive to every detail. He had a caring attitude and even played relaxing music during the scan. He showed me the pictures at the end then hand delivered the results to my dentist. I was impressed with everything”- John R.

***** “I’m the type of person that reads reviews prior to using a new service/place/location. So I came in here and read all the wonderful reviews. I made sure my clinic used the Tech Julian. Thankfully they did request him and no doubt, my experience with him was as the rest of these reviews. He’s super respectful and informative along with patient. To add, I absolutely loved this service…definitely we’ll be using them again. Completely 100% recommended this company”- Nora G.

***** “My father had a scan a few weeks ago. We were very impressed about all the technology this company had. Julian Gutierrez was very knowledgeable and extremely polite. He helped my father and I understand everything step by step. He made my father feel comfortable with the procedure and the results were immediately sent to our dentist”- Edward D.

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Inside view of our mobile units for Mobile 3D CT Scanning
Inside view of our mobile units

LEARN MORE about Mobile 3D CT Scanning

Mobile 3D Imaging will travel to your dentist’s office or your home or place of work. Most importantly, it is our customer-first focus that simplifies what is otherwise a prolonged, time consuming process. Imagine the convenience of having us bring our state of the art mobile platform in your driveway!

Our Scanning Protocol

Traditional dental X-rays can capture two-dimensional (2-D or flat) views of hard tissues (bone and teeth, for example), while a dental CT can image these anatomical structures with less distortion, more clarity and unlimited perspectives of areas of interest. A dental CT Scan produces 3D, high-resolution images, and has become a necessity and reality in dentistry. Therefore these details allow your doctor to make an accurate diagnostic and choice of treatment.

From start to finish the whole appointment should take 15-30 minutes. The actual scan will be complete in 15-25 seconds. We use automatic dose exposure. This technology automatically adjusts the radiation dosage according to the patient’s age and size. As a result, ​radiation exposure for this type of scan is minimal. It is equivalent to being outdoor for 6 days or 1/10 of a chest CT scan.

The scan is only of your head and neck allowing you to stay fully clothed. However, you will have to remove all metal from your head and neck including metal dentures, glasses and all jewelry.

Dental CT Scans are NOT invasive. You are positioned in a seating position and the scan goes around your head for 15 to 25 seconds. It is not a tunnel machine, if you are worried about claustrophobia.

You should NOT be scanned if you are pregnant.

The cost of a CT scan

* $425 – CT Scan plus radiology report (recommended for all patients),

* $325 – CT Scan without a radiology report (recommended for patients that currently have a dentist/doctor requesting the scan).

Payment is due at the time you schedule your appointment. We accept all major credit/debit cards. There is a cancellation fee of $50, unless notified minimum 24 hours in advance. Mobile 3D Imaging is a fee for service imaging company and has not contracted with any insurance company.